We might be a small family business, but we like to think big.

With the recent acquisition of two adjacent farms, the size of our vineyard currently stands at 1250 hectares.
We have a preference for planting vineyards in larger blocks with our largest block of Pinotage taking up a total of 62 hectares. This does not, however, diminish our keen interest in the detail of viticulture. In fact, when working with larger blocks, effective management becomes even more crucial. This is why we as a team understand the importance of doing the right work at the optimal time.

At Leeuwenkuil we believe in cultivating soils in a sustainable manner – not only for our own benefit, but for that of future generations as well. We have adopted a biological approach to farming through which we aim to establish the perfect balance in our soil and our plants, as this is essentially what leads to a well-balanced end product. We continuously strive to cultivate healthy soil with sufficient food to sustain the necessary micro-organisms, resulting in a healthy plant that produces a high-quality crop. We are also currently in the process of transforming one of our farms, Langvlei, focusing more prominently on organic farming techniques.