Leeuwenkuil wouldn’t quite be Leeuwenkuil
without our dedicated, hard-working team.


Leeuwenkuil is a family business with a strong focus on family values. This means that we consider everyone we work with a part of the Leeuwenkuil family – be they owners, managers or employees. This is reflected in everything we do and is evident in our interaction with clients, whom we humbly welcome as part of our extended family.

Our business comprises three integral parts:


33% of the grapes processed in our cellar is produced by Leeuwenkuil itself. The majority of the wines we produce are crafted according to customer specifications, through which customer input is taken into consideration right from the day of bud break. We also craft a number of speculative wines that we supply to new customers, which allows us to experiment with a couple of new styles and innovations. A small percentage of our grapes is sold to winemakers who have specific demands in terms of terroir and cultivating practices.

Custom Crushing 02

We like to share our knowledge and are proud of our custom grape-crushing facility. We source grapes from various suppliers and harness our expertise to turn them into wine. We then either sell the wine on behalf of the suppliers or encourage them to source some buyers themselves. Our viticulturist is always ready to give helpful guidance where
needed in this regard.


We provide other wineries and established brands with a valuable service in blending their wine and preparing it for bottling. Once we are fully satisfied with the product, the wine will either go to the bottling plant or be exported in bulk as per the client’s wishes.


Leeuwenkuil is built on a solid foundation of integrity and transparency, enabling us to build lasting relationships with all of our clients. We believe it important to ensure that all dealings are mutually beneficial at all times. In keeping a close eye on market developments, we strive to match the quality that we produce with the style our clients want and deserve.



Our practical, hands-on team is kept in the loop about everything happening at Leeuwenkuil
at all times.This effective communication system is reflected in the outcomes of both our internal
business and our dealings with clients.

When working with other wineries, we strive to gain a comprehensive idea of their brand in order to
develop their potential without forcing our own style upon them. We follow specifications and listen
intently to what they want while introducing some of our innovative strategies that could potentially be
implemented in their business.

In keeping with our policy of always being upfront and transparent, we consistently keep clients informed
about any unexpected changes in the production process. Clients are constantly informed of any new
developments that may affect their business and together we work to find favourable outcomes to
any new developments.